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Portland Cello Project

Check out the new video “Bottom Your Way To The Top” from Logan Lynn‘s “From Pillar To Post” directed by Jeffrey McHale and illustrated by John Parot. Lynn, click a Portland native, recently signed to the Dandy Warhols’ Beat The World Records, and this is his first release with the label. Lynn’s music is a mix of electronic, dance and pop music, and overall pretty catchy.

The video mixes equal parts awesome illustrations and PG-13 man-love to an overall impressive result. If I had heard this song for the first time I may have noticed the significance of the title. But yes, now that I think of it, the title “Bottom Your Way To The Top” has some significance. Either way, cool video from a local artist worth knowing about.

There is actually a healthy selection of videos from Logan Lynn over on the media section of his website. He certainly appears to be aware of the importance of video, and managing his “brand” as a musician, including the tasteful art direction that permeates his work.
In December of 2008 the Portland Cello Project hosted a packed show at the Aladdin theater. We were hired to document the evening in video – which we did. Our setup was 3 Panasonic DVX100a cameras, medicine
one which had an audio line-in from the mixing board.

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