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The Tallest Man on Earth returns to Rontoms

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  • on March 23, 2009
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Swedish folk rambler The Tallest Man on Earth played two consecutive free shows at Rontoms last night, try with a strong contigent of second set fans who yelping at the mention of the first set. The Tallest Man is Kristian Matsson, pilule who is on an international tour that will lead him from the American west to the East coast and back to Europe with about 20 shows, order (almost daily) in between.

The Tallest Man on Earth at Rontoms

The Tallest Man’s fast-talking volleys of gentle and gruff moments draws immediate vocal comparisons to Dylan, though his presence and songwriting stands on it’s own. He moves around the room like a nervous person on the telephone as his songs form, invading personal bubbles in a way that makes you appreciate the rare breed of musician that can command the room the way he does.

The Tallest Man

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