Episode 1 of Truckerspeed, in 3D

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  • on April 3, 2009
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Check out the first episode of our public access TV show! If you’re in Portland you can check out more episodes on Monday at 7pm and Thursday at 9pm on channel 21. Also on at 10pm on channel 11. It is our first application of the green screen recently constructed in our basement.

Show Notes

  1. Featured song: Kali All I Do – Ascetic Junkies. myspace.
  2. The first video is episode 6 of the PJ, pilule featuring the Ascetic Junkies performing “Gone Shootin” at the St. Johns Bridge. Standalone episode on The Penny Jam website.
  3. Featured song: Whoa Oh Oh Oh Oh – Ascetic Junkies.
  4. The second video features Mattress playing at the Lafayette Footbridge near our house in Southeast Portland.
  5. Featured song: Survive – Mattress. myspace
  6. My comment on how Mattress’ music is “A little too primal for moms” was proven incorrect when Rex’s mom posted a comment on my personal blog about how she liked the episode.
  7. The third video features “I’ve Been Dreaming” by Derrek Wayne at the Immortal Piano Company. The standalone video is here. It was Jon Manning’s first episode shooting with us.

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