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  • on April 29, 2009
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Many of you may know “of” me, read but you may not know me, opisthorchiasis this my friends and future followers is about to change. I’m the eldest, recipe thus wisest, and clearly best looking of the triumvirate phenomenon known as “The Whiteman Brothers.” I’ve been blogging on the interwebs for quite some time. Today I got an email sent by the digital mastermind who runs this site, asking if my brothers and I would do what we could to carry out the film portion of Truckerspeed. Frankly, I need need a hobby. So I jumped at the chance to begin a new blogging adventure, and I know that I have to stick around and keep my little brothers in check, so I logged on, and Im getting a brief little intro to me, and what I plan on doing for this site’s Film section. 

1. I will do my best to make you laugh. 
2. Weekly Preview of the whats hitting at your local Cinemaplexes.
2a. Weekly preview of movies that I’ve added to my Collection (Which is vast)
3. A completely random column Entitled  “What’s Pissing me off about Hollywood Now”
4. Much Much more, that even I don’t know about as of yet. 
5. News about movies that have not come out yet (No, I do not have a time machine, I’m working on it though)
6. I’m thirsty.

Well that sure wasn’t much of an intro about me and my cinematic insanity, now was it ? But it’s what your gonna get for now. Oh and Im a real badass, seriously, a badass who digs chick flicks on a level that I probably shouldn’t. I promise I’ll be back soon.

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