The Summer Movie Feast Begins

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  • on April 30, 2009
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This is always my favorite time of year, mycoplasmosis and not cause of the weather, no rx even though I’m from the Sunshine state I’m an Oregon purist, site I love the rain and the clouds and of course, the overcastyness. It’s cause tomorrow is the day the summer movie season kicks off. Which in years past, had me sitting in front of my computer typing up a 5000 word epic about what is in store for you, the filmgoers through out the summer. Now I dont have the patience to put up with myself for that long anymore, but I’m sure I will still end up crapping out 5000 words about it through out the summer time.

These are the flicks that I’m gonna go see, and millions and millions of Americans will go see, it’s just that time of year, never quite understood why a vastly summer obsessed culture wants to spend several hours indoors (it’s gotta be the AC baby), as opposed to outside frolicking in the happy funtime sunlight, but I’m not judging. That’s not my style, ok, that’s completely off base.

Tomorrow, Friday May 1 (Seriously ? May, holy hell)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Now it’s no secret of mine that I have a devout man-crush on Ryan Reynolds (I know he is not playing Wolverine, he is playing Deadpool, who is cooler than Wolverine anyways), and that as a steak loving American male, frankly I should be getting all excited for the summers first helping of special effects, stabbings with super strong claws, swords, guns, and one would think that I would be stoked and primed to kick the summer movie season off in the right way possible, hell even my little sister is going to see this at midnight. Me, I have little plans to see it opening weekend, I may, I may not, depends on how early it’s playing on saturday morning, and if I drank too much scotch the night before.

Now what really gets my blood pumping, and makes me wanna rush to the local theaters…..

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

I have issues, Im not afraid to admit it, I’ve gotta figure out a way to go see this with out feeling like a lonely tool. Cause it’s gonna be seriously great. Like I said, issues.

Wolverine $90-115 million opening weekend.
Girlfriends $45-55 million opening weekend.

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