Episode 3 of Truckerspeed, in 3D

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  • on May 1, 2009
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It’s Friday and I still havn’t turned in my TV show this week, prescription which sucks cause it means a weekend full of work. But thankfully that won’t matter for a couple of weeks since TV time is staggered with real time! In the meantime, enjoy episode 3 of Truckerspeed in 3D, our weekly variety show on Portland public access TV. Watch new episodes live, before they’re online – Monday at 7pm and Thursday at 9pm on channel 21 or Saturday at 10pm on channel 11.

Show Notes

  1. The guest on this weeks show: Ken Tomita, who runs a fantastic bamboo furniture design business.
  2. Featured song: Stay by Narwhal versus Narwhal – myspace
  3. Check out Ken’s recent interdisciplinary art expiriment, Project Chaboo.
  4. The first video is episode 22 of the Penny Jam, Celilo at Ken Tomita’s Woodshop. Their new album, Bending Mirrors is really good. Find the band on myspace
  5. The second and third videos feature Justin Power performing with the Portland Cello Project at the Aladdin Theater last December. The songs are titled “Seeds May Fall” and “Cut the Rope.” The second song also features the Portland Flash Choir. Check out JP on myspace
  6. There is a brief clip of Kansas Road Trip by the Ascetic Junkies
  7. The puppy belongs to my girlfriend’s sister Sara and her husband Courtland. The music on top of it is Mattress‘ “Eldorado”

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