Videobomb Explodes in SouthEast Portland, Births an Experimental Film Festival

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  • on May 7, 2009
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My roommates and I stopped by the Ford Building last night for the PDX Fest Video Installation Exhibit, approved Bum Equipment. The show was the kickoff reception for the Portland Documentary & eXperimental Film Festival that’s happening right now, from May 6 through 10, mostly at the Clinton Street Theater.

The Bum Equipment show had video installations from about 20 different artists, all use either a projector or a tv screen (or multiple tvs) sometimes with a speaker, mostly with headphones. There were also a couple of homebrewed footpad-operated games, one a collaboration between TM Sisters & Samuel Lopez de Victoria and the other between Mumbleboy, e*rock and Karl Ackerman.

While I didn’t catch the main event, it was cool to see that Deelay Ceelay (a Portland band that consists of 2 drummers) had upped the ante by expanding from their typical 1 projector visual freakout to 4.

The event was curated by Cartune Xprez, aka Peter Burr and Christopher Dougleris, who also put out DVD collections of experimental animation and perform in their own band, Hooliganship here in town.

Be sure to check out the rest of the festival, whose actionpacked schedule resides here Shawn Levy provides some more background on his blog, including the origins of the festival. The shows are $7 and it’s $40 for a festival pass. There are also some cool workshops, including “Do-It-Yourself 3D Movies” this Saturday May 9th for 35 bucks. Considering I’ve been talking about 3D filmmaking for a bit now, I might just do it.

There are a lot of cool things going on related to the fest though so don’t let it pass you by. The Bum Equipment show is free and open May 7th – 24th from 12PM – 6PM, Thursday through Monday. It’s at Gallery Homeland in the Ford building on 11th and Division, SE.

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