My summer at the Cinema: Predisposition

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  • on May 7, 2009
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So here’s the thing, cialis sale last weekend, two movies came out, pretty darned close on my estimate for X-men, though I was totally wrong on Ghost’s. I noticed something, having seen both of them last weekend, going into it, I thought I would probably like X-men, didn’t think it would be anything special though. I was right. Thought I would dig Ghost’s of Girlfriends Past, and I did. I’m not sure I know how to go to the movies and be taken back anymore, though I did think Observe and Report was a trainwreck, and for the most part not funny at all, didn’t see that one coming at all.

So this weekend. Star Trek is coming out, and I genuinely couldn’t care any less about this. Let’s see, from the creators of lost ? No thank you. Hmmm from the director of Mission Unwatchable 3. No thank you. From the producer of cloverfield ? What do I look like an idiot ? This movie can’t be good, and I will step on any trekkies toes who wants to rumble over it. What a mess. That being said. Its probably gonna be another 80 million dollar weekend starring Star Trek.

So Im sure Im not gonna like that one, and have nothing more to say on the matter, I do however wanna make sure to give credit where credit is due, and do my due diligence as a film goer to make sure everyone out there has seen, and fallen in love with, the preview for “Funny People” the new comedy epic from Judd Apatow, its about trying to live life to the fullest (Which is of course hard), and the “one that got away” (which is of course even harder), so press play, lean back, and dive into a comedic pool of bliss.

July 31st baby, Ill be there, then probably again on August 4th or so, just for ya know, the giggles.

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