Episode 4 of Truckerspeed in 3D

Get prepared for one of the best episodes of TS3D to date. Lots of unusual bits in this one, infection including a couple of guests, a segment on puppy breath, and some bitchin reprojection footage from a concert we organized in January.

  1. The first guest is Matt Huiskamp of the PJ. Featured song: “Pink Sofa” by Celilo
  2. The first video is episode 23 of the Penny Jam, Grey Anne at Portland Store Fixtures. That place is pretty cool.
  3. Stephanie I are sitting in front of a greenscreen that I photographed at the Metro East Station, though we’re in my basement greenscreen studio. So META!
  4. Steph and Matt are in a band called Bad Side of Holland, which brings us to the second video of the show “Once Knew a Boy,” recorded at the Mt. Tabor Legacy.
  5. Featured song: “Pinata” off of Celilo’s awesome new album, Bending Mirrors.
  6. The third video is one of my favorite up-and-coming Portland bands, The Ascetic Junkies performing “Kansas Road Trip.” This was our first night of live projecting, there are actually 2 projectors, one isn’t in frame.
  7. Featured song: “Stop Stalling” by Derby.
  8. I flex my journalism degree with a shocking TV exposé on Puppy Breath. It starts at the 20:00 mark.
  9. The final song is by “Trying” by Grey Anne (thanks for the correction Anne), also filmed at the Mt. Tabor Legacy.

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