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7:20 Tomorrow Night, I’m gonna get Hungover.

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  • on June 4, 2009
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First off, prescription let me get this right off my chest, I happen to be slightly bitter that my little brother has gotten to see Away We Go already, no more than two minutes before I opened this site to sit down and write (Unfortunate Rhyme (which will someday be the lead character in a white rap pseudo biopic pot comedy that I have been kicking around in my head) and for that I am sorry), I saw a preview for that movie, and fell in love with it all over again, the preview crushes me, then I see that flat out amazing review, which I skimmed, cause I had some ideas of my own in my head, which at this point and that insanely structered “thesis” statement. Well let me just say, I can’t wait to sit down and fully read his review, almost as much as I can’t wait to rush out and see that movie at the earliest possible convenience (man I had a bastard of a time spelling that for some reason, even with spell checker, I just struggled, I need to sleep).

Right, the main event, we have all been so blessed over the last several years with a staggering array of R-Rated comedies, that have been hit out of the park, over and over again. This week, The Hangover, will make its run at the King of the adult comedy Castle, though, it’s going up against a Juggernaut (spelled that one perfectly first try, go figure): I Love You, Man. If you’ve seen it, you know, if not, go see it, then you’ll know, yes, it’s THAT good. 

Now, I thought of myself as someone who would have celebrated Todd Phillips’s entire career, turns out not so much, I’ve actually seen less than half of his movies, but I’m a fan of his work, that I’ve seen, Road Trip has it’s moments, but I remember the experience of going to see it the day it came out, I was was 20, it packed theater on a Friday night, with a good group of friends, us having poured vodka into one liters to sneak into the show. Starsky and Hutch, wasn’t a disaster, but it wasn’t Broken Lizard Dukes level of entertainment. Old school, was his crowning achievement to date as far as I’m concerned, that movie still makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis, where as Road Trip registers an occasional bourgeois-ish chuckle, like pfft, my taste is so much more refined than that, when in reality, Im sitting here enjoying the shit out of The Heartbreak Kid for like the third time, so I really have no rights, my taste is so all over the the maps, that Al Gore has to use a pneumatic platform to illustrate how odd they really are. Interesting piece of cinema history/trivia for you all, Old School was one of two movies, that have both Will Ferrel, and James ‘The Ragin’ Cajun’ Carville in it. True Story. 

I’m stoked to see this one, honestly, I think it has potential to be really quite good, It’s got one actor (Bradley Cooper) on the verge of being a leading man, and its got another actor (Zack Galidontwannaspellhislastnameifanakis) on the verge of blowing up, and one (Ed Helms) on the verge of being on the verge of blowing up, and finally one (sidekick from national treasure) on the verge of being on the verge of being on the verge of blowing up. I’m sorry you had to read that, if you didn’t enjoy it, dont think for a second that I enjoyed writing it, however, I committed to it, and had to follow through, actually had to take a break to compose myself.

Ok, my point is this: The sidekick from National Treasure has great timing, and will start getting noticed, and get to the point where I remember his name like Ed Helms, who is the next person on the comedic food chain in this movie, because quite honestly, right now, I don’t know his name, but I assure 24 hours from now, one way or another, I will remember it. Ed Helms is gonna start getting movie roles like Steve Carrell was getting, I can really see him in a Dan in Real Life-esque movie. Zack, who I saw last summer at Bonnaroo, and was a crazy funny guy, is gonna start getting movies like Jack Black did when he broke out after High Fidelity. Bradley Cooper is just gonna get pretty much the gamut I assume, I think he will be a big star, really do, action, comedy, rom-coms, period lawyer slave dramas, he’s a really talented guy, with that type of charisma, you can totally tell When you watch Wedding Crashers starring Will Ferrel and James ‘The Ragin’ Cajun” Carville. Look it up, Im right. Anyways, he was a supreme douche in that movie, and even though you couldn’t stand him, you couldn’t stop watching what he was gonna do next, and you found yourself wanting more of that dirtbag, which isn’t the writing, or the acting, that’s what charisma he has. 

So I will be there, tomorrow night, with a group of friends, right in the evening, perfect time to go see an R-Rated comedy, in hopefully (and based on early buzz, such buzz in-fact the studio has green-lit a sequel based on test screenings alone, which is unheard of, unless the movie is set at Hogwarts) a pretty packed theater. I will be bringing a flask, and I will be having some diet orange sunkist.

Like I was 20 years old again, going to see Road Trip. 

Thanks for reading the Yang, to My younger brothers Yin, in tonight’s back-to-back Whiteman Brothers Double Feature. 

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