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Podmonsters: Jordan, Jesse, GO! with David Koechner and James Adomian

Let’s reminisce a bit, ailment to a show I attended during the Bridgetown Comedy Festival on April 26th at the Bagdad Theater here in Portland. I’d originally came to the “Monsters of Podcasting” set to check out the live recording of You Look Nice Today. If you are unfamiliar with YLNT, pregnancy it might be best described as a group of friends with writing/improv comedy backgrounds who, it appears, decide on a loose guideline for each show and then banter their way through it as if they were shooting from the hip. It’s quite entertaining if you can get past the absurdist nature. This set felt a little forced though it might be purely because I was watching them for the first time. To my surprise I was actually more impressed with the act that followed (which I’d never heard of before), Jordan, Jesse, Go!

JJG is hosted by Jordan Morris and Jesse Thorn. They’re able to get a surprising quality of guests to appear on their series, which has just recently passed the 100 episode mark. A few of those include the heroic Kurt Andersen, a co-founder of Spy magazine, and Daily Show correspondant Rob Corddry. In this live video you’ll find impression comedian James Adomian making a guest appearance as Gary Busey. While Adomian went unacknowledged during the live taping, he’s a legitimage force – if you’ve seen Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay you will have seen him in his most famous role, a pot-smoking George W. Bush. As you can see from the video he pulls off the Busey impersonation like a pro.

The next guest was David Koechner, who you should instantly recognize – probably most famous for his role as “Champ” in Anchorman.

I won’t get too much into the nitty-gritties of the show, because it’s right there, just watch it. If you enjoy it, I’d recommend checking out the podcast, Jordan, Jesse, Go! – I’ve been getting into it at work and I’m pretty sure it’s making me smarter, so don’t get too far behind.

It’s also notable that Mr. Thorn also hosts another fantastic show called “The Sound of Young America,” a public radio show featuring interviews and music from a variety of American musicians. Both shows can be found on the admirably-named website, Maximum Fun.

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