Black Lips + King Khan & BBQ = The Almighty Defenders

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  • on June 11, 2009
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Rare is the case that I feel a bit of news is aimed at me and only me. It’s selfish and arrogant to think a single human can warrant an entire news piece  in an age when the same information has been digested a few million times by the time I react to it. But, side effects all the same, now is most assuredly one of those instances. You can read the following and you can be excited about the information. I won’t stop you from that. But I will have to reinforce the notion that this news is aimed at just me.

Not you.

The noteworthy facts: two bands (King Khan and the BBQ Show, Black Lips) have joined forces for a side project entitled The Almighty Defenders. A tour and album will follow.

I have failed on numerous occasions to hide my devout love of both of these bands. In fact they are right up there as far as you’re-my-favorite! My itunes playcount can back that statement. In the realm of “above and beyond” KK and BBQ were also kind enough to lend my brother and I a few of their songs for a film we made a few years back. I make a point to see both acts whenever they come through town and they always exceed my already-high expectations. If you check back a few posts Scott wrote-up the latest King Khan and the Shrines show.

Just to give context to how excited I am, I’ll change realms. The cinematic equivalent of two such favorites of mine merging would be a movie co-directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and John Carpenter. It would star Kurt Russel and William H. Macy as two best buds who have have to hold fort in a casino against a gang of mutant porn stars. Somehow the fate of humanity would be at stake. This scenario will never happen. But! I do get to legitimately and eagerly anticipate The Almighty Defenders.


Jared Swilley, bassist/vocalist for the Black Lips, had this to say: “It’s kind of gospel-influenced, but it’s more evil gospel. It doesn’t have anything to do with God, unless we’re talking about beating him up.

Forget roses and chocolate, in order to forge through the cold rock and gain access to my heart all someone has to say are two words: evil gospel.

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