Portland Art Museum Offers Mindfuck Tutorial


The Portland Art Museum recently opened an exhibit called “Virtual Worlds: M.C. Escher and Paradox” which features a gallery filled to the brim with prints and drawings by Maurits Cornelis Escher (his best buds called him Mauk). He was one of the preeminent artists in the Dutch school of mindfuckery and flunked the second grade.  As renowned as he is, more about his talents are often ridiculed by pinky-finger-up artists and jerked-off to by mathemeticians. Both should be viewed as compliments.

Think back to grade school and the poster of the hand drawing the other hand.  Or remember David Bowie, case Jennifer Connelly and a baby crawling, sick chasing and dancing their way around a room that had upside down stairways and no north star. Remember this animal changing into that thing? Or that thing changing into this animal? That’s our boy Mauk!

He toyed with perspective, the process of change, the notion of infinity and our hearts. The exhibit runs through September 13th and is covered under the museum’s general admission price.

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