Mattress Rolls Holocene

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  • on June 24, 2009
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Instead of attempting to navigate the haze of genre-identification in the realm of music I’ll drop Portland duo Mattress into the sub-genre of Gnarly. The tunes, capsule full of atmosphere and off-the-rails confidence, endocrinologist can’t adequately be lumped into a one-line description. And this  is a principal reason why I’m so smitten.

Case in point: this video, medications recorded from Starfucker’s latest CD release party at Holocene. The projected footage is a direct feed from a second camera (manned by Scott Carver) that we were using to help shed a little light on the frame. Sound by Matt Huiskamp. The song is ROLL ROLL ROLL though, if given all-I-can-eat druthers, I’d rename it RAD RAD RAD.

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