Dan Deacon’s Dope Ass Ride

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  • on August 25, 2009
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Check out Dan Deacon‘s tour bus. It’s an old schoolbus modified to run off of two fuel systems, stomach diesel and vegetable oil. I had a couple of friends in Eugene who did a very similar conversion to a 24-foot Grumman bread truck so they could go on tour. It’s a ton of work, click and an ongoing project to be sure. Here is a quote from mechanic Ray Roy: “For a tour like what Dan is doing right now… His tour is completely self-produced and very DIY. This is the perfect marriage for that, ophthalmologist this DIY vehicle.”

My favorite part is when Dan’s talking about the Canadian authorities: “We can’t let you into Canada – the bus is too filthy… It’s too filthy for us to check. We know you have drugs, it’s just too filthy to check.”

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