The Biggest Record Collection in the World

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  • on August 28, 2009
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I didn’t make it to the Soapbox Derby this year, look but I’ve been a few times so what’s the difference. Let me set the scene: a couple thousand people hang out and watch a couple of dozen teams race homemade cars down the side of Mt. Tabor here in Southeast. The crowd drinks openly and gets nerve-wrackingly close to the track. Volunteers with blowhorns yell at people who come dangerously close to getting hit by speeding, viagra drunken projectiles, remedy barreling down the side of Mt. Tabor.

It’s awesome, it’s a Portland institution.

This video from Portland filmmaker (who goes by the handle Brewcaster) sums it up pretty well. The second video from the Yakima team (which fared second place) is also worth checking out. While overly high-tech compared to the competitors, this Yakima car is pretty sweet. Their mounted camera turned out some cool footage.

This short documentary is a Sundance Selection from 2009 about Paul Mawhinney, page
a man who is believed to own the largest record collection in the world. He amassed the collection while running a record shop in Pittsburgh for many years and archiving vinyl as he went. Now, health
the collection of about 1 million albums is estimated to be worth about $50 million. Mawhinney has come into health problems and economic hard times and has been struggling to sell it for a modest $3 million.

This was directed by Sean Dunne, a filmmaker in Brooklyn, New York.

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