Dufus Spreads Their East Coast Goofy to Pacific Time

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  • on September 16, 2009
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Dufus is a band that wears silliness as a badge of honor. It holds spontaneity as sacrament. The music is often lumped into the category of anti-folk which is another anti-label that doesn’t really matter.  What it is to me is energetic, drugs goofy and at times very passionate and sincere music delivered with the hurricane vocal chords of Seth Faergolzia.

Faergolzia is the centerpiece of Dufus and if ever there needed to be a centerpiece to a band, this is it. Over the years Dufus has grown and shrunk by the month. It is not uncommon to see a completely different line-up every time you catch a show. On their myspace the list of artists who have performed or recorded under the Dufus umbrella numbers over a hundred. Some of the eye-grabbing notables are Regina Spektor, Diane Cluck, Jeffrey Lewis and Kimya Dawson.

He’s playing tonight at 9pm at Mississippi Pizza. After this Portland show they’re heading south, then back east, and then overseas. So, it’ll likely be the last time any Portlandians will be able to catch them for quite a spell.

–Faergolzia was also a gentleman enough to allow my brother and I to use one of his songs for a movie of ours a while back. So he is forever-gold and rides a unicorn atop a rainbow in my eyes.

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