Arrington De Dionyso sings in Indonesian, New Video Kicks Off “Malaikat dan Singa” Album

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  • on November 16, 2009
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The description for this video on YouTube reads “Hallucinogenic Post-Punk sung all in Indonesian to impress a girl!”

Arrington's ArtI’ve been following Arrington De Dionyso for a couple of years, pestilence mostly through the band Old Time Relijun, otolaryngologist a Olympia-then-Portland-based group that plays one of the most primal, click musically startling shows I’ve ever seen. Despite Old Time Relijun’s impressive list of releases, De Dionyso seems to keep busy outside of the band with solo work and making weird orgiastic art. Click on the image to see some more, less kid-friendly stuff.

The video is directed by Ben Wolfinsohn a prolific Santa Monica animator who seriously needs a show on Adult Swim. The song, “Mani Malaikat” was included in his illustrated/animated series, My Odd Days – and is set at an awkward, Christmas-sweater-clad domestic setting – with a twist of De Dionyso’s trademark, well, Dionysian weirdness.

Check out the new album on K-Records.

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