Parenthetical Girls Tributes, “A Song For Ellie Greenwich” and “The Scottish Play”

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  • on November 17, 2009
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This video is old…but entirely awesome. Brought to you by Judah Switzer with the assist by Studio Nemo. The track “A Song For Ellie Greenwich” possesses a similarly tributey quality to their new project. I thought I’d take the time to mention them both.

The Scottish Play“The Scottish Play, opisthorchiasis ” the band’s new vinyl on Tomlab, makes a certifiable tip of the hat to a character named Ivor Cutler.

To quote the Tomlab website: “Packaged in a silk-screened sleeve designed by renowned illustrator (and fellow Glaswegian) David Shrigley, this extremely limited release (500 total copies!) features Parenthetical adaptations of four songs and four prose poems from across the dense Cutler discography….Ivor Cutler was an author, humorist, poet, absurdist, public school teacher, and criminally marginalized figure in the field of popular music. He released ten albums of songs and not songs – all characterized by his droll, thick, Scottish brogue – between 1961 and 1997 on some of Britain’s most influential labels (Virgin, Rough Trade, Creation).”

There’s even a short promo video for the disc:

Anyhow, check out the Parenthetical Girls, pretty heady stuff.

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