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Rental Agreement Ac

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  • on April 11, 2021
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TRANSPORTATION: The rental price is F.O.B. the Cool Air warehouse and the customer agrees to pay all transportation costs between Cool Air and the customer`s rental location, unless otherwise agreed before transportation. VALIDITY: If a clause or condition of this contract is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the validity or applicability of the other terms and conditions of sale will not be affected and the agreement will be interpreted as if the impugned clause or condition had not been part of that agreement. COMPANY`S REPRESENTATION: The aircraft covered by this agreement are in good condition, but it is expressly considered that Cool Air is in no way responsible for the design related to its use or the results obtained by the equipment or accidents due to their use, and Cool Air does not advise the customer that these devices are suitable or suitable for a particular use. UNLESS OTHERWISE AGREED TO IN ADVANCE, Cool Air is not responsible for access to an adequate water supply and/or flow, if necessary, for equipment, or for access to an appropriate electrical connection to ensure the supply of the equipment. INDEMNITY: The customer undertakes to exempt Cool Air from any loss, cost, costs, damages and expenses incurred by Cool Air for injuries (including death) to a person (including the customer) or damage to any property (including customer property) resulting from the use of the aircraft by a person during the term of that contract. CHC problems can be some of the scariest and most expensive problems to deal with in your rent. I hope that by understanding your hlK system and looking for a maintenance solution that works for you, you can keep your property and tenants comfortable while avoiding big bills. You will be given an additional period of up to 30 days from the start of the tenancy to cover you in case you discover any damage caused by the former tenants or who were already there. If you can`t find the “grace period” in the agreement, ask for it and make sure it`s included. LOCATION USE: The device is stored and maintained at the market or delivery voucher location for the duration of the agreement, and the customer agrees not to move the device within the site or to remove the device from the site without The prior approval of Cool Air. In Dallas, landlords are required to provide their tenants with “chilled air” from April 1 to November 1. Cooling air is defined as with ambient air 20 degrees cooler than outside air.

In other words, when it`s 109 degrees outside, rents should not exceed 89 degrees, which is still quite hot. However, the State of Texas as a whole does not require landlords to make an a/c available to their tenants, but must provide a/c if it resolves a temperature situation that threatens the health and safety of the tenant. Big item: We have a more adult 55 complex with several units. As is always the case – KT collapses on a Friday night without notice during a heat wave – it is only the nature of the animal. We try to keep the coils clean and we give our tenants new air filters every 90 days at our expense, but when the cool stops – it`s not always easy to get a technician out to fix the problem immediately, so a backup plan we use is that we hold an extra portable AC unit handy to help with the rent until the device can be maintained.

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