Strategic Partnership Agreement Sec

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  • on April 12, 2021
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This document, along with the two attached letters, constitute an endorsement (endorsement) which constitutes the main terms of sale agreed between Commerce One, Inc. (C1) and SAP AG /and SAPMarkets, Inc. (together SAP) and SAP Australia Pty Limited (SAP Australia) only to enable SAP Australia to meet its obligations under a proposed agreement between SAP Australia and SapProcure Pty Limited (below). In the event of contradictions between the terms of this endorsement and the ASA for the purposes of the corProcure agreement, this document prevails. Additional conditions are included in a tripartite agreement with corProcure, which includes SAP Australia and C1. The parties intend to simultaneously read the tripartite agreement and the ASA (according to the complementary agreement) and to maintain any agreement at full speed. 3.1 Unless shown below, all revenues generated under the corProcure agreement must be split 50/50 between SAP and C1. These include royalties, annual maintenance (minus all corProcure rebates in accordance with item 3.4 and all commissions payable in accordance with item 3.9) and the share of revenue under the corProcure agreement or related agreements with corProcure, including all shares of turnover related to the Vertical Net Market Maker related to corProcure. While this is not always the case, technology access alliances often aim to have a larger company provide resources to a small business in exchange for preferential access to new technologies. Typically, a small company may have developed a key technology (a drug treatment or therapy, software, hardware, device, etc.) that a larger company may find valuable. As a result, both parties may attempt to reach an agreement to provide favorable access to technology for the largest company in exchange for achieving the strategic objectives of the small business.

Both parties acknowledge and agree that their respective support commitments, as agreed in the ASA, will expire on December 31, 2003. Accordingly, as of 1 January 2004, each party is solely responsible for providing assistance services to the joint offer customers under a valid and individual assistance agreement with the party concerned. Both parties agree to conduct a series of activities necessary to enable both parties to assume this responsibility, as follows: the strategic alliance between SAP and Commerce One to meet the e-marketplace requirements of companies expires at the end of September 2003, as originally planned at the beginning of the agreement. This provision, as well as the attached statement 1 (which is included by reference, as explained in its entirety), aims to clarify and clarify these earlier agreements as follows: These agreements are ingested with many different names and according to the different variants to be achieved, including co-brand agreements, co-marketing agreements, team agreements, distribution agreements, re-sales agreements, cooperation agreements, and other agreements.

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