Telerik Devcraft License Agreement

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  • on April 12, 2021
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THE PRODUCT SOFTWARE is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and contracts. THE PRODUCT OF THE SOFTWARE is allowed, not sold. 1.8.4. Orders between you and our authorized dealer. Notwithstanding the terms of this section 1.8 (taxes and taxes), if you purchased your license for the product and/or maintenance and support from a licensed dealer, the fee will be set in the order between you and the authorized dealer. The authorized reseller may be responsible for billing and/or withdrawing the payment and, if so, the billing and collection conditions agreed between you and the authorized dealer may deviate from the terms set out in this section 1.8 (Taxes and Taxes). Actipro gives the licensee the non-exclusive license to display and modify the source code for training and troubleshooting. When the licensee corrects the source code, the licensee can compile the corrected source code and use and distribute the resulting object code exclusively to replace the corresponding redistributables in which the source code is compiled. We call this license the “Lesser” General Public License because it does less to protect the freedom of the user than the ordinary public license. It also offers other free software developers less than an advantage over competing non-free programs.

These drawbacks are the reason why we use the normal general public license for many libraries. However, the Lesser license offers advantages in certain specific circumstances. 1.6.1. IP Property. The product, our technology, our documentation and all other current or future intellectual property rights developed by us or our affiliates, as well as all global intellectual property rights for each of the updates, upgrades, enhancements, new versions, revisions and other changes to this right and their derivative works are the exclusive property of us or our affiliates or our suppliers or suppliers or suppliers. With the exception of the rights and licences expressly granted, all rights are reserved for us and our related companies as well as our licensees and suppliers. All intellectual property and intellectual property rights rights over and over content accessible through the use of the product are the property of the content owner and may be protected by applicable copyright or other intellectual property laws and contracts. This ECJ does not give you any right to use this content. 10. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENSION OF APPLICABLE LAW, IN NO EVENT WILL TELERIK, ITS RESELLERS, OR ITS LICENSORS, BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THE USE OF OR INABILITY TO USE OF THE SOFTWARE, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF GOODWILL, WORK STOPPAGE, COMPUTER FAILURE OR MALFUNCTION, OR ANY AND ALL OTHER COMMERCIAL DAMAGES OR LOSSES IN JEDEM FALL, TELERIK`S (AND ITS RESELLER`S AND ITS LICENSOR`S) ENTIRE LIABILITY UNDER ANY PROVISION OF THIS AGREEMENT WILL NOT EXCEED IN THE SUM OF THE LICENSE FEES LICENSEED TO TELERIK FOR THE SOFTWARE GIVING RISE TO SUCH DAMAGES, NOTWITHSTANDING ANY

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