Social And Domestic Agreement

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  • on October 8, 2021
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The judge found that agreements between spouses are generally not legally enforceable: in Simpkins v Country[9], an informal agreement between a grandmother, granddaughter and tenant on the distribution of competitive earnings was binding. Seller J found, using the objective test, that the facts showed “reciprocity” between the parties and added: the court said that the plaintiff could not enforce the contract, as the good football pool had clearly established that it was “only honorably binding”. The word honor was interpreted to mean that there was no intention to create legal relationships. And the plaintiffs had conceded it. With regard to a separation agreement, the court could take into consideration the following: a marriage contract is very similar to a concubine`s contract, unless it applies to persons who are married or wishing to marry. However, if there is a clear desire to be bound by the Treaty, the presumption shall be rebutted. . . .

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