Usask Aspa Collective Agreement

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  • on October 13, 2021
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The collective agreement recognizes USFA benefits as part of the equitable division of labour and can be included in college processes as a contribution to the university`s administrative responsibilities. Please consider volunteering. Your help is much appreciated. You will receive an email to your usask email account from Election Runner, the program with which we are running our elections this year. When the election starts on Monday, you will receive an email with details about the election, start/end time, your voter ID key/key, and a link you can click to take you directly to the election login page (see example below). Click on this link and you will go to the voting page. Select your candidates and click “Send”. The purpose of this Association Committee is to manage the Trust and to pay exceptional expenses or fees expressly approved by the Executive in connection with collective bargaining, arbitration proceedings or other proceedings relating to the terms and conditions of employment of faculty members of the University of Saskatchewan. The Committee of Four meets about three times a year. The AcSB has four representatives of associations and four representatives of employers. It has the power to negotiate collective agreements, to conclude a provisional collective agreement with the employer and to inform the employer in writing before the expiry of the contract. The Bureau is composed of 12 members elected for a two-year term. It is the only USFA committee whose members must be elected by the members.

Each year, elections are held for half of the members of the Executive Committee. This committee manages the association between the meetings of the members. It shall forward Union affairs to the committee responsible. If you want a copy, please send a request to Heather in our office and one will be sent to you. Read more: Upgrades planned for Saskatchewan universities, Moose Jaw Polytechnic elections are being held for the following positions: Please note that this year`s election will be entirely online. There is no longer a personal vote. These forums are organized via Zoom and the invitation will be published this week. Please contact our office with your email address at if you need to be included in our mailing list. We encourage you to get to know their candidates! Read more: Petition calls for reduction of teaching at the University of Saskatchewan with online courses this fall This executive subcommittee reviews the terms of reference of all faculty committees, recommends the creation of new committees, and recommends names of individuals for the composition of all committees. Questions about COVID-19? Here are some of the things you need to know: This tripartite committee, created in 2005 due to the increase in applications for non-profit assistance, reviews all applications for non-profit financial assistance that are referred to it by the executive and decides how much financial assistance the USFA is supposed to provide. The purpose of this occasional committee is to review, revise, and recommend changes to the USFA Constitution. The Committee shall be composed of at least three members, two of whom shall be members of the Executive Committee.

This association committee was born from the need to promote the non-discrimination article of the collective agreement (Article 7) and to promote harmony on campus. It examines the needs of certain visible minority groups; is a contact group for visible members of minorities and informs bargaining unit members on minority issues on campus. . . .

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