What Is The James Bay And Northern Quebec Agreement

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  • on October 15, 2021
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It established a number of provisions, mainly in the following areas: The signing of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Accord (JBNQA) on November 11, 1975 between the Governorate of Quebec, the Government of Canada, the James Bay Cree and the Inuit of Northern Quebec was the culmination of these negotiations. The JBNQA is the first modern land claims agreement in Canada. On January 31, 1978, the Naskapi signed the Northeastern Quebec Accord (NSQA) and joined the Comité de coordination de la chasse, de la pêche et du piégeage. In 1971, the Quebec government announced the “project of the century”: the James Bay hydroelectric development project. The scope of the project meant that land historically occupied and used by Inuit and Cree for hunting and fishing was flooded by the creation of massive reservoirs and diverted rivers.

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