Truckerspeed is a new media collective in Portland Oregon. We do freelance web development, ed videography, doctor audio engineering, story photography and illustration. We’re here to help you with your project, whether it’s a music video or a website for your coffee shop. View our full service list.

Scott Carver – Web Developer

ScottScott is a Web Developer and independent video producer in Portland Oregon. His interests lie between music and promotion. He’s established himself as a man of thoughtful action, and he’s got his mitts dirty with Web Development, Videography, Motion Graphics & Graphic Design. Founder of The Penny Jam podcast.


Sean Whiteman – Filmmaker

SeanSean has been all over this damn country. He lived in Los Angeles, Ithaca, Austin and Indianapolis. He went to film school where he focused on Screenwriting. After moving back to Portland Sean cofounded the Penny Jam with Scott. He’s filmed, directed and edited dozens of music videos, shorts, interviews and a couple of feature films.