It Was a Rendezvous: A High Speed Tour of Paris, 1976

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  • on May 12, 2009
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I was turned onto this by my boss, sick a 1976 short filmed titled “C’était un rendez-vous” or “It was a Rendevous”- which follows a car driving at ridiculous speeds through the streets of Paris at 5:30 in the morning. It features a continuous, drugstore 9-minute shot from a gyro-stablized bumper-mount.

The director, Claude Lelouch was already an established French filmmaker, supposedly having made good on the film “Un Homme et une Femme,” allowing him to purchase a Ferrari 275 GTB which was rumored to have been used in “Rendezvous.”

Looking back, it is believed that it was not in fact a Ferrari but a Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 – and that Ferrari sounds were later dubbed in to make it sound more ferocious. Also, contrary to Lelouch’s earlier claims, it was not a contracted Formula 1 driver in the cockpit, but the filmmaker himself. According to Wikipedia, calculations suggest that the car reached speeds up to 220 km/h (136.7 mph).

After decades of being passed around in low quality dubs by film buffs and speed freaks, the DVD is currently available online, from a website that looks like the VHS equivelent of the internet. I suppose if you need the clarity, there it is, otherwise, it’s on YouTube.

Episode 4 of Truckerspeed in 3D

Get prepared for one of the best episodes of TS3D to date. Lots of unusual bits in this one, infection including a couple of guests, a segment on puppy breath, and some bitchin reprojection footage from a concert we organized in January.

  1. The first guest is Matt Huiskamp of the PJ. Featured song: “Pink Sofa” by Celilo
  2. The first video is episode 23 of the Penny Jam, Grey Anne at Portland Store Fixtures. That place is pretty cool.
  3. Stephanie I are sitting in front of a greenscreen that I photographed at the Metro East Station, though we’re in my basement greenscreen studio. So META!
  4. Steph and Matt are in a band called Bad Side of Holland, which brings us to the second video of the show “Once Knew a Boy,” recorded at the Mt. Tabor Legacy.
  5. Featured song: “Pinata” off of Celilo’s awesome new album, Bending Mirrors.
  6. The third video is one of my favorite up-and-coming Portland bands, The Ascetic Junkies performing “Kansas Road Trip.” This was our first night of live projecting, there are actually 2 projectors, one isn’t in frame.
  7. Featured song: “Stop Stalling” by Derby.
  8. I flex my journalism degree with a shocking TV exposé on Puppy Breath. It starts at the 20:00 mark.
  9. The final song is by “Trying” by Grey Anne (thanks for the correction Anne), also filmed at the Mt. Tabor Legacy.

Videobomb Explodes in SouthEast Portland, Births an Experimental Film Festival

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  • on May 7, 2009
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My roommates and I stopped by the Ford Building last night for the PDX Fest Video Installation Exhibit, approved Bum Equipment. The show was the kickoff reception for the Portland Documentary & eXperimental Film Festival that’s happening right now, from May 6 through 10, mostly at the Clinton Street Theater.

The Bum Equipment show had video installations from about 20 different artists, all use either a projector or a tv screen (or multiple tvs) sometimes with a speaker, mostly with headphones. There were also a couple of homebrewed footpad-operated games, one a collaboration between TM Sisters & Samuel Lopez de Victoria and the other between Mumbleboy, e*rock and Karl Ackerman.

While I didn’t catch the main event, it was cool to see that Deelay Ceelay (a Portland band that consists of 2 drummers) had upped the ante by expanding from their typical 1 projector visual freakout to 4.

The event was curated by Cartune Xprez, aka Peter Burr and Christopher Dougleris, who also put out DVD collections of experimental animation and perform in their own band, Hooliganship here in town.

Be sure to check out the rest of the festival, whose actionpacked schedule resides here Shawn Levy provides some more background on his blog, including the origins of the festival. The shows are $7 and it’s $40 for a festival pass. There are also some cool workshops, including “Do-It-Yourself 3D Movies” this Saturday May 9th for 35 bucks. Considering I’ve been talking about 3D filmmaking for a bit now, I might just do it.

There are a lot of cool things going on related to the fest though so don’t let it pass you by. The Bum Equipment show is free and open May 7th – 24th from 12PM – 6PM, Thursday through Monday. It’s at Gallery Homeland in the Ford building on 11th and Division, SE.

Episode 3 of Truckerspeed, in 3D

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  • on May 1, 2009
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It’s Friday and I still havn’t turned in my TV show this week, prescription which sucks cause it means a weekend full of work. But thankfully that won’t matter for a couple of weeks since TV time is staggered with real time! In the meantime, enjoy episode 3 of Truckerspeed in 3D, our weekly variety show on Portland public access TV. Watch new episodes live, before they’re online – Monday at 7pm and Thursday at 9pm on channel 21 or Saturday at 10pm on channel 11.

Show Notes

  1. The guest on this weeks show: Ken Tomita, who runs a fantastic bamboo furniture design business.
  2. Featured song: Stay by Narwhal versus Narwhal – myspace
  3. Check out Ken’s recent interdisciplinary art expiriment, Project Chaboo.
  4. The first video is episode 22 of the Penny Jam, Celilo at Ken Tomita’s Woodshop. Their new album, Bending Mirrors is really good. Find the band on myspace
  5. The second and third videos feature Justin Power performing with the Portland Cello Project at the Aladdin Theater last December. The songs are titled “Seeds May Fall” and “Cut the Rope.” The second song also features the Portland Flash Choir. Check out JP on myspace
  6. There is a brief clip of Kansas Road Trip by the Ascetic Junkies
  7. The puppy belongs to my girlfriend’s sister Sara and her husband Courtland. The music on top of it is Mattress‘ “Eldorado”

Panther, Live from a bookstore display window in downtown Portland

Behold, pancreatitis the long awaited episode 23 the Penny Jam! It’s featuring Panther playing in a window display at Cameron’s Books in downtown Portland. We caught Panther before they took off on an international expedition including some coverage on Russian television and from the looks of their Myspace page they are playing at the Strawberry Music Festival in Beijing on Saturday May 2. More links at Rhinestone Neckbrace.

Episode 2 of Truckerspeed, in 3D

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  • on April 29, 2009
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Blimy this post has been a long time coming! Here is episode 2 of Truckerspeed in 3D, doctor our weekly variety show on Portland public access TV. Watch new episodes live, before they’re online – Monday at 7pm and Thursday at 9pm on channel 21 or Saturday at 10pm on channel 11.

Show Notes

  1. Our guest is James Jacobsen who is the main Penny Jam sound guy and runs Dexterous Production.
  2. Featured song: My Wing by Narwhal versus Narwhal – myspace
  3. The first video features a 3-sibling band called The Good Ship Astoria, the song is called “Tried so Hard.” The standalone video is episode 2 on the Penny Jam site. The lead singer, Luke Ysdie also plays standup bass for Blind Pilot.
  4. Crazy Carl’s is located on 36th and Division. Carl was actually very level-headed and demonstrated his business acumen through his this unusual promotional op.
  5. No one on the crew or in the band had shoes on during this set
  6. Featured song: Superlazy by Grey Anne – myspace
  7. Featured song: La La La La La by Boy Eats Drum Machine – myspace
  8. The second video is The Romantic and Bombastic at Next Adventure, Listen to the song “Glory to Glory by the Romantic and Bombombastic” watch the standalone video, episode 20 of the PJ or go to the band’s myspace
  9. Featured song: Factory Moon by Jon Itkin – myspace

The Ascetic Junkies at Mt Tabor Legacy

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  • on April 27, 2009
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I ran into a few videographers outside the 7th annual Filmed by Bike premiere on Clinton Street last Friday. I was attracted to the home made Fig Rig they were sporting. Aliye just posted the resulting video:

Check out more by Aliye on his Troma Intern Diary blog.

This was filmed during a show we organized on January 2nd of this year. The show also featured Derrek Wayne and Grey Anne. Sean and I filmed, mind each plugged into our own projector, view
although the second one is out of frame, unfortunately.

When we filmed the Ascetic Junkies for their Penny Jam episode, this song, “Kansas Road Trip” was the unused B-side. We really liked the track but the weather was wild that day and the wind was pretty harsh in the mic. The video was featured on episode 4 of Truckerspeed, in 3D.

Filmed by Bike Festival Craziness

I ran into a few videographers outside the 7th annual Filmed by Bike premiere on Clinton Street last Friday. I was attracted to the home made Fig Rig they were sporting. Aliye just posted the resulting video:

Check out more by Aliye on his Troma Intern Diary blog.

Episode 1 of Truckerspeed, in 3D

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  • on April 3, 2009
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Check out the first episode of our public access TV show! If you’re in Portland you can check out more episodes on Monday at 7pm and Thursday at 9pm on channel 21. Also on at 10pm on channel 11. It is our first application of the green screen recently constructed in our basement.

Show Notes

  1. Featured song: Kali All I Do – Ascetic Junkies. myspace.
  2. The first video is episode 6 of the PJ, pilule featuring the Ascetic Junkies performing “Gone Shootin” at the St. Johns Bridge. Standalone episode on The Penny Jam website.
  3. Featured song: Whoa Oh Oh Oh Oh – Ascetic Junkies.
  4. The second video features Mattress playing at the Lafayette Footbridge near our house in Southeast Portland.
  5. Featured song: Survive – Mattress. myspace
  6. My comment on how Mattress’ music is “A little too primal for moms” was proven incorrect when Rex’s mom posted a comment on my personal blog about how she liked the episode.
  7. The third video features “I’ve Been Dreaming” by Derrek Wayne at the Immortal Piano Company. The standalone video is here. It was Jon Manning’s first episode shooting with us.