Ume at the Mohawk, Austin Texas

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  • on March 25, 2009
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I filmed this on my first day in Texas, try an Austin band called Ume letting loose in the Mohawk. I was hanging out with Dave of and filming some stuff with him for his music blog. I ended up seeing Ume play a few more shows during the week of South by Southwest, approved at Spiros and the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls showcase at Maggie Mae’s. They played something like 10 shows in 6 days, which while a crazy number, didn’t seem as much so during that week.

The 3 piece consists of Eric and Lauren, on Bass and Guitar/Vocals respectively, and their drummer Jeff. They’ve been playing shows for a few years but since the release of “Sunshower EP” a few months back they’ve been earning a new wave of attention from both the Austin music community and a new wave of bloggers and music dignitaries across the countries. You really have to see these guys live to appreciate them fully but here is a cut of their song “The Conductor” just to give you an idea of just how hard and awesome they bring it.

You can check them out on their website or at

Celilo at Ken’s Workshop

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  • on March 25, 2009
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Check out episode 21 of The Penny Jam, order filmed in a woodshop near 17th and Powell in Portland Oregon. Our friend Ken Tomita hosted, allowing a band and crew to set up in his place. Ken is a woodworker who works mostly with bamboo, and has some really great peices. His blog is also a great resource for the indie scoop on whats going on in the world of furniture design in Portland.

The band we featured was Celilo, a Sasparilla-drenched Alt-Psych-Americana outfit who sound something like Neil Young dropped in Oregon country. They performed “Little Coquette” off of their recently released album Bending Mirrors, which is available on CD Baby. I’ve listened to it 8 times at work in the last few weeks. I can already tell it’s going to be one of those albums that came out of nowhere and stuck to me. Spoiler! It may be one of my new favorite local albums

The Tallest Man on Earth returns to Rontoms

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  • on March 23, 2009
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Swedish folk rambler The Tallest Man on Earth played two consecutive free shows at Rontoms last night, try with a strong contigent of second set fans who yelping at the mention of the first set. The Tallest Man is Kristian Matsson, pilule who is on an international tour that will lead him from the American west to the East coast and back to Europe with about 20 shows, order (almost daily) in between.

The Tallest Man on Earth at Rontoms

The Tallest Man’s fast-talking volleys of gentle and gruff moments draws immediate vocal comparisons to Dylan, though his presence and songwriting stands on it’s own. He moves around the room like a nervous person on the telephone as his songs form, invading personal bubbles in a way that makes you appreciate the rare breed of musician that can command the room the way he does.

The Tallest Man

Portland Cello Project

Check out the new video “Bottom Your Way To The Top” from Logan Lynn‘s “From Pillar To Post” directed by Jeffrey McHale and illustrated by John Parot. Lynn, click a Portland native, recently signed to the Dandy Warhols’ Beat The World Records, and this is his first release with the label. Lynn’s music is a mix of electronic, dance and pop music, and overall pretty catchy.

The video mixes equal parts awesome illustrations and PG-13 man-love to an overall impressive result. If I had heard this song for the first time I may have noticed the significance of the title. But yes, now that I think of it, the title “Bottom Your Way To The Top” has some significance. Either way, cool video from a local artist worth knowing about.

There is actually a healthy selection of videos from Logan Lynn over on the media section of his website. He certainly appears to be aware of the importance of video, and managing his “brand” as a musician, including the tasteful art direction that permeates his work.
In December of 2008 the Portland Cello Project hosted a packed show at the Aladdin theater. We were hired to document the evening in video – which we did. Our setup was 3 Panasonic DVX100a cameras, medicine
one which had an audio line-in from the mixing board.

Test Referrer

The Penny Jam

The Penny Jam - Header

The Penny Jam is a video podcast and web series produced by Scott Carver and Sean Whiteman for Truckerspeed Productions. The Penny Jam is an ongoing web series that chronicles Portland bands playing in unique venues around the City of Portland. All filming and editing is done by Sean Whiteman, generic Scott Carver and Jon Manning. The series is created in association with audio engineers James Jacobsen of Dexterous Productions, contagion Clemeth Abercrombie of Louden Sound and Matt Huiskamp of Thoughtless Productions.


• It’s so fucking Portland!
• Well-loved ongoing video podcasting, ailment on iTunes and Vimeo
• Custom WordPress theme, Illustration, Graphic Design
• Consistency of Branding, typography, quality
• Organic, appropriate Social Media Presence
• Scalable Video and Audio Production

Here is a sample episode:

Since we began the series on March 1st, 2008 we’ve understood the importance of documenting our process. Our regular photographer Joe Mansfield has done a fantastic job photographing the bands, locations and technical setup of each shoot on our official Penny Jam Flickr Account.

As of this posting we’ve completed 26 episodes with a combined total of nearly 40,000 views. The project brings attention to upcoming and established bands in the Portland music community and is operated as a not-for-profit entity. The series is part passion-project, part self-promotion and part love letter to Portland.