Videobomb Explodes in SouthEast Portland, Births an Experimental Film Festival

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  • on May 7, 2009
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My roommates and I stopped by the Ford Building last night for the PDX Fest Video Installation Exhibit, approved Bum Equipment. The show was the kickoff reception for the Portland Documentary & eXperimental Film Festival that’s happening right now, from May 6 through 10, mostly at the Clinton Street Theater.

The Bum Equipment show had video installations from about 20 different artists, all use either a projector or a tv screen (or multiple tvs) sometimes with a speaker, mostly with headphones. There were also a couple of homebrewed footpad-operated games, one a collaboration between TM Sisters & Samuel Lopez de Victoria and the other between Mumbleboy, e*rock and Karl Ackerman.

While I didn’t catch the main event, it was cool to see that Deelay Ceelay (a Portland band that consists of 2 drummers) had upped the ante by expanding from their typical 1 projector visual freakout to 4.

The event was curated by Cartune Xprez, aka Peter Burr and Christopher Dougleris, who also put out DVD collections of experimental animation and perform in their own band, Hooliganship here in town.

Be sure to check out the rest of the festival, whose actionpacked schedule resides here Shawn Levy provides some more background on his blog, including the origins of the festival. The shows are $7 and it’s $40 for a festival pass. There are also some cool workshops, including “Do-It-Yourself 3D Movies” this Saturday May 9th for 35 bucks. Considering I’ve been talking about 3D filmmaking for a bit now, I might just do it.

There are a lot of cool things going on related to the fest though so don’t let it pass you by. The Bum Equipment show is free and open May 7th – 24th from 12PM – 6PM, Thursday through Monday. It’s at Gallery Homeland in the Ford building on 11th and Division, SE.

Episode 3 of Truckerspeed, in 3D

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  • on May 1, 2009
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It’s Friday and I still havn’t turned in my TV show this week, prescription which sucks cause it means a weekend full of work. But thankfully that won’t matter for a couple of weeks since TV time is staggered with real time! In the meantime, enjoy episode 3 of Truckerspeed in 3D, our weekly variety show on Portland public access TV. Watch new episodes live, before they’re online – Monday at 7pm and Thursday at 9pm on channel 21 or Saturday at 10pm on channel 11.

Show Notes

  1. The guest on this weeks show: Ken Tomita, who runs a fantastic bamboo furniture design business.
  2. Featured song: Stay by Narwhal versus Narwhal – myspace
  3. Check out Ken’s recent interdisciplinary art expiriment, Project Chaboo.
  4. The first video is episode 22 of the Penny Jam, Celilo at Ken Tomita’s Woodshop. Their new album, Bending Mirrors is really good. Find the band on myspace
  5. The second and third videos feature Justin Power performing with the Portland Cello Project at the Aladdin Theater last December. The songs are titled “Seeds May Fall” and “Cut the Rope.” The second song also features the Portland Flash Choir. Check out JP on myspace
  6. There is a brief clip of Kansas Road Trip by the Ascetic Junkies
  7. The puppy belongs to my girlfriend’s sister Sara and her husband Courtland. The music on top of it is Mattress‘ “Eldorado”

The Summer Movie Feast Begins

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  • on April 30, 2009
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This is always my favorite time of year, mycoplasmosis and not cause of the weather, no rx even though I’m from the Sunshine state I’m an Oregon purist, site I love the rain and the clouds and of course, the overcastyness. It’s cause tomorrow is the day the summer movie season kicks off. Which in years past, had me sitting in front of my computer typing up a 5000 word epic about what is in store for you, the filmgoers through out the summer. Now I dont have the patience to put up with myself for that long anymore, but I’m sure I will still end up crapping out 5000 words about it through out the summer time.

These are the flicks that I’m gonna go see, and millions and millions of Americans will go see, it’s just that time of year, never quite understood why a vastly summer obsessed culture wants to spend several hours indoors (it’s gotta be the AC baby), as opposed to outside frolicking in the happy funtime sunlight, but I’m not judging. That’s not my style, ok, that’s completely off base.

Tomorrow, Friday May 1 (Seriously ? May, holy hell)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Now it’s no secret of mine that I have a devout man-crush on Ryan Reynolds (I know he is not playing Wolverine, he is playing Deadpool, who is cooler than Wolverine anyways), and that as a steak loving American male, frankly I should be getting all excited for the summers first helping of special effects, stabbings with super strong claws, swords, guns, and one would think that I would be stoked and primed to kick the summer movie season off in the right way possible, hell even my little sister is going to see this at midnight. Me, I have little plans to see it opening weekend, I may, I may not, depends on how early it’s playing on saturday morning, and if I drank too much scotch the night before.

Now what really gets my blood pumping, and makes me wanna rush to the local theaters…..

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

I have issues, Im not afraid to admit it, I’ve gotta figure out a way to go see this with out feeling like a lonely tool. Cause it’s gonna be seriously great. Like I said, issues.

Wolverine $90-115 million opening weekend.
Girlfriends $45-55 million opening weekend.

Preceded only by Reputation

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  • on April 29, 2009
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Many of you may know “of” me, read but you may not know me, opisthorchiasis this my friends and future followers is about to change. I’m the eldest, recipe thus wisest, and clearly best looking of the triumvirate phenomenon known as “The Whiteman Brothers.” I’ve been blogging on the interwebs for quite some time. Today I got an email sent by the digital mastermind who runs this site, asking if my brothers and I would do what we could to carry out the film portion of Truckerspeed. Frankly, I need need a hobby. So I jumped at the chance to begin a new blogging adventure, and I know that I have to stick around and keep my little brothers in check, so I logged on, and Im getting a brief little intro to me, and what I plan on doing for this site’s Film section. 

1. I will do my best to make you laugh. 
2. Weekly Preview of the whats hitting at your local Cinemaplexes.
2a. Weekly preview of movies that I’ve added to my Collection (Which is vast)
3. A completely random column Entitled  “What’s Pissing me off about Hollywood Now”
4. Much Much more, that even I don’t know about as of yet. 
5. News about movies that have not come out yet (No, I do not have a time machine, I’m working on it though)
6. I’m thirsty.

Well that sure wasn’t much of an intro about me and my cinematic insanity, now was it ? But it’s what your gonna get for now. Oh and Im a real badass, seriously, a badass who digs chick flicks on a level that I probably shouldn’t. I promise I’ll be back soon.

Episode 2 of Truckerspeed, in 3D

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  • on April 29, 2009
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Blimy this post has been a long time coming! Here is episode 2 of Truckerspeed in 3D, doctor our weekly variety show on Portland public access TV. Watch new episodes live, before they’re online – Monday at 7pm and Thursday at 9pm on channel 21 or Saturday at 10pm on channel 11.

Show Notes

  1. Our guest is James Jacobsen who is the main Penny Jam sound guy and runs Dexterous Production.
  2. Featured song: My Wing by Narwhal versus Narwhal – myspace
  3. The first video features a 3-sibling band called The Good Ship Astoria, the song is called “Tried so Hard.” The standalone video is episode 2 on the Penny Jam site. The lead singer, Luke Ysdie also plays standup bass for Blind Pilot.
  4. Crazy Carl’s is located on 36th and Division. Carl was actually very level-headed and demonstrated his business acumen through his this unusual promotional op.
  5. No one on the crew or in the band had shoes on during this set
  6. Featured song: Superlazy by Grey Anne – myspace
  7. Featured song: La La La La La by Boy Eats Drum Machine – myspace
  8. The second video is The Romantic and Bombastic at Next Adventure, Listen to the song “Glory to Glory by the Romantic and Bombombastic” watch the standalone video, episode 20 of the PJ or go to the band’s myspace
  9. Featured song: Factory Moon by Jon Itkin – myspace

Episode 1 of Truckerspeed, in 3D

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  • on April 3, 2009
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Check out the first episode of our public access TV show! If you’re in Portland you can check out more episodes on Monday at 7pm and Thursday at 9pm on channel 21. Also on at 10pm on channel 11. It is our first application of the green screen recently constructed in our basement.

Show Notes

  1. Featured song: Kali All I Do – Ascetic Junkies. myspace.
  2. The first video is episode 6 of the PJ, pilule featuring the Ascetic Junkies performing “Gone Shootin” at the St. Johns Bridge. Standalone episode on The Penny Jam website.
  3. Featured song: Whoa Oh Oh Oh Oh – Ascetic Junkies.
  4. The second video features Mattress playing at the Lafayette Footbridge near our house in Southeast Portland.
  5. Featured song: Survive – Mattress. myspace
  6. My comment on how Mattress’ music is “A little too primal for moms” was proven incorrect when Rex’s mom posted a comment on my personal blog about how she liked the episode.
  7. The third video features “I’ve Been Dreaming” by Derrek Wayne at the Immortal Piano Company. The standalone video is here. It was Jon Manning’s first episode shooting with us.