Arrington De Dionyso sings in Indonesian, New Video Kicks Off “Malaikat dan Singa” Album

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  • on November 16, 2009
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The description for this video on YouTube reads “Hallucinogenic Post-Punk sung all in Indonesian to impress a girl!”

Arrington's ArtI’ve been following Arrington De Dionyso for a couple of years, pestilence mostly through the band Old Time Relijun, otolaryngologist a Olympia-then-Portland-based group that plays one of the most primal, click musically startling shows I’ve ever seen. Despite Old Time Relijun’s impressive list of releases, De Dionyso seems to keep busy outside of the band with solo work and making weird orgiastic art. Click on the image to see some more, less kid-friendly stuff.

The video is directed by Ben Wolfinsohn a prolific Santa Monica animator who seriously needs a show on Adult Swim. The song, “Mani Malaikat” was included in his illustrated/animated series, My Odd Days – and is set at an awkward, Christmas-sweater-clad domestic setting – with a twist of De Dionyso’s trademark, well, Dionysian weirdness.

Check out the new album on K-Records.

Thao performs Know Better Learn Faster

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  • on November 11, 2009
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The Penny Jam - Header

The Penny Jam is a video podcast and web series produced by Scott Carver and Sean Whiteman for Truckerspeed Productions. The Penny Jam is an ongoing web series that chronicles Portland bands playing in unique venues around the City of Portland. All filming and editing is done by Sean Whiteman, advice Scott Carver and Jon Manning. The series is created in association with audio engineers James Jacobsen of Dexterous Productions, Clemeth Abercrombie of Louden Sound and Matt Huiskamp of Thoughtless Productions.


• It’s so fucking Portland!
• Well-loved ongoing video podcasting, on iTunes and Vimeo
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Here is a sample episode:

Since we began the series on March 1st, 2008 we’ve understood the importance of documenting our process. Our regular photographer Joe Mansfield has done a fantastic job photographing the bands, locations and technical setup of each shoot on our official Penny Jam Flickr Account.

As of this posting we’ve completed 26 episodes with a combined total of nearly 40,000 views. The project brings attention to upcoming and established bands in the Portland music community and is operated as a not-for-profit entity. The series is part passion-project, part self-promotion and part love letter to Portland.

Straight from the San Francisco based music blog and video series Yours Truly is a charming living room performance by Thao and The Get Down Stay Down. The music starts about 90 seconds in, disease
about the same time a dreamy light source swallows Thao.

Stefan Nadelman visualizes Ramona Falls’ new track “I Say Fever”

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  • on November 5, 2009
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I’m a big fan of Menomena, refractionist Portland’s experimental rock trio. I’m not sure why I haven’t invested more energy in Menomena-member Brent Knopf’s side project Ramona Falls, ambulance but this video was enough to get me excited about the band, info and I’m definitely going to venture into the rest of the album. “I say fever” mixes quiet piano tinkling, and clearly audible vocals with bombastic action, a similar style to Menomena’s adrenaline-inducing sensibilities.

As far as Portland’s motion graphics community, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more talented and prolific animator/director than Stefan Nadelman, who also directed Menomena’s Evil Bee. In addition to more music videos, check out his side projects and commercial work at

Loch Lomond performs “Ghost of an Earthworm” at the Ace Hotel in Episode 26 of the Penny Jam

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  • on October 26, 2009
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Sometimes we’re so busy fawning over other people’s work that we forget to post our own. Worry no more as I present episode 26 of our ongoing Portland music video series, esophagitis The Penny Jam with Loch Lomond.

This was shot on June 28, 2009 and I remember the day very vividly because I was feeling under the weather. It was a generally care-free shoot though and I credit our sound guys James Jacobsen and Matt Huiskamp for keeping all the details in check. The sun was setting and thankfully we captured that gorgeous evening light as it bounced off of downtown buildings and into the Ace Hotel lobby where we’d set up. There are photos from the shoot by Joe Mansfield on Flickr. And of course, definitely check out the band, Loch Lomond who has an EP called “Night Bats” out on November 10 with Hush Records. The video above features the song “Ghost of an Earthworm” which is part of the 4-song EP.

Weinland’s “I’m Sure It Helps” Video Tames Even the Wildest Beast

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  • on October 26, 2009
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Portland folk-faves Weinland have released a new video for their song “I’m Sure it Helps” – the video premiered at the band’s September 9 show at the Doug Fir and is online now for your enjoyment. The animation-heavy video is a luscious companion to the confident but mellow-paced track.

Filmed on location at the Crystal Ballroom and edited/animated by Two Penguins (a production company with offices in NY and Portland), try the video has a dreamy quality and a stylized 2.5D style. The song is from the band’s recently-released “Breaks in the Sun” which has deservedly been racking up praise points from publications like Paste and Entertainment Weekly.

Portugal the Man Visits the Future, Gazes Longingly

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  • on September 17, 2009
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I’m consistently impressed by the visual sophistication that Portland-based Portugal the Man exudes, viagra sale and this video is nothing but a confirmation of that.

The director, sick Ryan Rothermel, is a Seattle-based director with an impressive reel. His Vimeo account is sporting some cool behind the scenes stuff as well, including a motion graphic test spot for the title sequence of True Blood, one of my favorite shows presently. I admire a good title sequence and True Blood’s is right up there with Carnivale.That sequence was eventually shot and composited by Digital Kitchen, who also has a making of video available.

Experimental Dental School Get Song Captured by Video

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  • on September 3, 2009
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When faced with spare moments during the course of a day one has to make many difficult choices. These moments that have been wrestled from hustle and bustle should not be wasted on activities of superfluous nature. No regrets. If you suffer from indecision in regard to how to use these rare minutes I suggest devoting at least one to the new video from local duo Experimental Dental School. The song is “Royal Fantasy Snow” and the swirling momentum of the video was captured and crafted by Portland badass – Jeff Guay.

Experimental Dental School “Royal Fantasy Snow” from Jeff Guay on Vimeo.

The Builders and the Butchers’ “Golden Green”

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  • on July 17, 2009
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I said it once but it’s so true I’ll say it again: Portland is in a golden era of rad music videos. Our stable of local directors continue to up the ante and the Builders and the Butchers new Henry-Darger-inspired track from Salvation is a Deep Dark Well is no different. Local booker, public health photographer and music video director Alicia Rose brings us “Golden Green.”

Blitzen Trapper Release Black River Killer Video

I’m a big fan of Portland’s Blitzen Trapper – and weighing in at 37 iTunes plays I’ve listened “Black River Killer” more times than any other track on their most recent release “Furr.” While the band has always been a purveyor of fine music videos, therapy this creepy murder ballad takes the prize.

The Making of Black River Killer

You might have noticed some seriously awesome effects in there and the filmmakers were kind enough to give us this minidocumentary about the making of. I’m impressed by the production value: real sets and actors, tuberculosis camera cranes, underwater freaking greenscreen – this is for real. According to the story from Spinner where I nabbed this video, there were at least 120 people involved in the making.